Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Buttercup and I join the blogosphere!

Honestly, I never envisioned myself starting a blog. But why?

Well, Heather, you have nothing to talk about.

Not true! Okay, maybe that's semi-true. But when it comes to silly little crafts or mega-pompous art, I do enjoy the occasional conversation.

Yeah, but, who's going to read this?

I have no idea. But does that mean I shouldn't do it? Nah. Even if no one ever reads this I'll still enjoy being silly and expressing myself through silly little blog posts.

Ok, fine. Join the incredibly large blogosphere. What's this blog about anyways?

I'm no sure yet. I do know that I feel like my little crafty/art business could use a more substantial presence on the web if I ever hope to be successful. Perhaps this blog will be some sort of diary/rant/rave spot for all things crafts and art related. After all, I do tend to surf through Etsy and other art websites and find things that are awesome and worthy of sharing. I guess I'm a jealous crafter. There's a ton of awesome crafts out there that I wish I had thought to make and I would love to share with others who enjoy awesome crafts.

But, you suck at writing. Won't people laugh you?

Meh. You know what? I don't really care about that anymore. As long as I stay true to myself, I'm sure someone out there won't mind the occasional wordiness and misplaced comma.

So, anyway, welcome to my blog! Buttercup the Chihuahua and I need to vent about our crafts and art and anything else that pops into our heads. We work from home, so it's important to keep occupied. :) If there is anyone out there that reads and follows our blog, yay! You can be my friend. :)

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