Monday, June 17, 2013

Micro Magic

So, Buttercup and I have had our shop open for about a month now. Views are high and sales are slow. It's frustrating, but I tell myself to keep on truckin'! I'm sure we will hit our stride at some point (After all, it hasn't been that long and I've only just started experimenting with my clay). In between crafting and browsing Etsy crafts, I often find myself stumbling across handcrafted items that make me smack my head and exclaim, "Dernnit! What didn't I think of that?!"

Made with Clay and Love, one of my favorite shops on Etsy, keeps popping up in my notifications and I smack myself every time because they are just so dern cute! I squee with excitement! Eventually the cuteness load will burst and I'll break down and buy one of these adorable creatures.

© Melissa from Made with Clay and Love

So small. . . so simple. . . so squee! I melt into an 8 year-old version of myself when I browse Melissa's plethora of magnificent creatures. There are even hard-to-resist business card holders!

© Melissa from Made with Clay and Love

Seriously? An optometrist owl?! I had to resist buying this for my optometrist husband for his birthday because I think he would just laugh at me (and I would steal it for my own business cards anyway). 

Oh Melissa. . . How do you do it? I am thoroughly jealous and amazed by all of your carefully crafted clay creations. You inspire me to keep playing with my clay knowing that one day I will discover something as unique as your teeny, tiny, precious micro sculptures.

© Melissa from Made with Clay and Love

*sigh* A majestic and mystical micro unicorn that will forever prance around in my imagination. . . 

I salute Melissa and her fabulous shop. Go forth, fellow readers, and browse through the squee-worthy products that she has available to you. Perhaps the air in Canada is more inspiring than the heavy humid air that I breathe down here in Alabamy. :)

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